EPIC First dance at armature works

Sparkler Fountains on cue with the music making the most memorable First Dance.

This wedding was special to us because of the couple's amazing energy during their first dance. Lauren & Dan had booked us to provide Sparkler Fountains for their first dance at Armature Works. They were in the Theatre and space was limited. With less than 30 days to make this happen, we worked with the Armature Works Staff and the couple's planner - Coastal Coordinating - to create a site plan.

The City of Tampa requires Cold Spark to be permitted. For the permit process, we are required to have 15' of lateral clearance around each unit, which includes all guests, vendors, and the couple. This was an undertaking as we were tight on space... but we found a way! Having the planner and venue ensure that all guests stayed seated during the first dance, we were able to find the clearance that we needed to satisfy the City's Permitting Requirements.

Once permitting was approved, we worked with the couple to find the best placement for Sparks during their first dance. And it was perfection. Watch the video by ASO Creative and see just how perfect our Sparkler Fountains were at Lauren and Dan's wedding!

Sparklers shoot starting at 1:15.

Venue: Armature Works - Brittany Silva

Planner: Costal Coordinating - Lauren Reeser

Photographer: Tara Tomlinson Photography

Video: ASO Creative