How lighting transforms a venue

Elegant Lighting can change the whole vibe of the space.

We are going back to 2016 to the Mainsail Conference Center. The reaction from the couple - Jon & Nicole - is the reason for this post. How Lighting Transforms a Venue is an important and often overlooked element to any wedding.

The Mainsail Conference Center in Tampa was a perfectly good venue, but the room needed personality. It needed to become a beautiful wedding venue. We provided Up Lighting around the room, a huge Custom Monogram Projection centerpiece on the wall and we lit all of the florals with our magnetic, battery-operated Pin Spots. The result... absolutely beautiful.

This is THE moment that Jon & Nicole walked into the ballroom to take a first look at the decorations and lighting decor. As you can see from this photo by Amber McWhorter Photography Jon & Nicole were blown away by the way the room looked. Pin Spots are one of the most overlooked items for a wedding. Highlighting your florals & cake with the proper light gives you the WOW factor that you and your guests are wanting. In fact, when done correctly, you don't even realize that the florals & cake are lit. Rather, the room just looks right because you see all of the elements the way you are meant to see them.

Venue: Mainsail Confrence Center

Photographer: Amber McWhorter Photography

Planner: Event Sisters